4 Things you Didn’t Know About Auditors

1. Auditors are far from boring!

For an auditor, every day is filled with new and exciting challenges because they get to work collaboratively in multi-cultural teams, are constantly learning about and researching new business trends, and are exposed to a wide range of industries and companies.


2. Auditors don’t just sit around crunching numbers.

 An auditor’s job involves utilising their critical thinking skills and applying them to each client’s unique circumstance. They conduct site visits at a client’s premises to review physical systems and stock levels, using their questioning mindset, objectivity, and professional judgement.


    3. Auditors are not bound by one physical location.

    Although most of an auditor’s work is computer-based, they are not bound by one physical work location. Auditors travel all over the country, work remotely for the majority of the year and are generally based at a client’s premises for the duration of an audit. 


    4. Auditors work hard but find the work exciting!

    Indeed, there are often times that require auditors to work long hours and meet strict deadlines; however, there is a massive variety of work offered by the auditing industry – no two days are alike. There are also many learning opportunities available for continued professional development.


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