Five Steps t0 Planning Your Estate

What is an Estate?

An estate comprises the assets and liabilities that a person accumulates during his lifetime and leaves behind at his death.

Your affairs need to be arranged, managed and protected so that you, your family and other beneficiaries may enjoy the maximum benefit from your estate both during your lifetime and after your death.

Peace of mind comes with effective planning – which includes services that take care of wills, estate planning and trusts geared around fulfilling your financial and legacy goals.

Marwick & Co. will analyse your needs and create a plan that meets them.

Here are five key steps to follow when planning your estate: 

  • Determine your net worth – including assets, liabilities and income
  • Set goals and plan objectives, deciding in advance what to do with your assets and liabilities;
  • Decide on appropriate estate planning tools;
  • Set time frames;
  • Execute the establishment of the estate 

We’re here for you!

At Marwick & Company, our team will work with you and assist with developing and reviewing your estate goals, providing direction on various strategies and tactics, and advice on the tax implications thereof. 

Additionally, we can assist with drawing up legal documents such as the Last Will and Testament and an Inter Vivos Trust Deed, and our Accountants can assist with tax planning. 

Family members, more specifically a spouse, should also form part of the team, especially where more complex plans are contemplated.