The cornerstone of any successful business is efficient operations and regulatory compliance. While these aspects may seem mundane compared to strategic business goals, they are vital for seamless business operations. This is where the role of secretarial services becomes crucial. Marwick & Company offers comprehensive secretarial services, handling key administrative tasks, helping businesses stay compliant, and ultimately, enhancing business efficiency.


Facilitating Business Formation, Amendment, and Deregistration

Starting a business involves a multitude of legal and administrative procedures. Likewise, amending business details or deregistering a company is no easy feat. Marwick & Company’s secretarial services come to the rescue in these scenarios, administering any formation, amendment, or deregistration of companies, close corporations, and trusts. By delegating these tasks to Marwick & Company, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies, assured that these essential procedures are handled expertly.

Maintaining Statutory Registers and Minute Books

Compliance with statutory regulations is essential for any business. Part of this compliance involves maintaining up-to-date statutory registers and minute books. Marwick & Company’s secretarial team takes this responsibility off your shoulders. They ensure that statutory registers and minute books are accurately maintained, thereby meeting regulatory requirements and providing businesses with easy access to their essential records whenever needed.

Submitting Statutory Returns

The timely and correct submission of statutory returns is another key aspect of regulatory compliance. However, businesses often struggle with this task due to its complex nature and the severe implications of any errors or delays. Marwick & Company provides a solution to this problem, assisting businesses with the submission of statutory returns. Their proactive approach guarantees that all returns are submitted on time and in compliance with regulatory requirements, offering businesses peace of mind.


In the world of business, time is of the essence, and maintaining compliance is non-negotiable. Marwick & Company’s comprehensive secretarial services help businesses save valuable time and ensure strict compliance, thereby boosting their overall efficiency. Whether it’s facilitating business formation, maintaining statutory records, or submitting statutory returns, Marwick & Company provides reliable support to businesses at every step of their operational journey. With their secretarial services, businesses can focus on growth and success, confident in the knowledge that their administrative and compliance needs are being expertly handled.

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